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Volkswagen Van Cold Weather Tyres

Choosing the correct tyres
It’s particularly important you choose the correct tyres for your commercial vehicle. Vans are usually heavier than normal cars and often carry loads. This extra weight increases stopping distance, so its vital that not only your tyre pressure and tread depths are correct, but also that the correct tyres are fitted.

Part worn tyres
When replacing tyres, fitting new tyres is the safest option. Many aftersales providers offer part-worn tyres however 98% are sold illegally and 34% are not roadworthy. Many drivers feel they can save money buying part worn tyres, however this is false economy. In fact, per mm of tread, part worn tyres on average work out 19% more expensive.

Winter tyres
Most drivers are aware that snowy, icy conditions have an impact road safety. However, even cold, damp roads affect tyre performance. Normal tyres have less grip in these conditions. In fact, below 7°C, the tread in normal tyres begins to harden, providing less grip. 

Fortunately, manufacturers have developed a range of winter tyres designed to operate in these conditions, improving safety throughout the entire winter period.

Contact Heritage Volkswagen Van Centre for advice on winter tyres.

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