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Selective Catalytic Reduction uses AdBlue® to convert nitrogen oxide into nitrogen and water. If your diesel vehicle is equipped with this, the filler neck for the AdBlue® tank is located below the filler cap for the fuel tank (under bonnet for Crafter).

The tank holds approximately 9 litres for Caddy models, 13 for Transporters, and 18 for Crafters.

How much AdBlue® you get through depends on not only your driving style, but the system’s operating temperature and the ambient temperature that the vehicle is used in.

Feel free to bring your vehicle in to our Heritage Van Centre in Bristol or Dorchester and speak to our team about topping up your Adblue® levels should you need it.

Our technicians are fully trained to handle AdBlue® and we top up with specifically-designed adaptors to ensure there are no spillages that could damage your van. AdBlue® top-ups at Volkswagen are charged by the litre, so you only pay for the amount you need. Simply contact your preferred Heritage Volkswagen Commercial retailer for more details.

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