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Discover Volkswagen Van Conversions

Added: 05 April 2019

volkswagen van conversions

If your business requires a fleet of vans, Volkswagen will naturally be one of the first manufacturers that you consider. After all, the German automaker boasts a rich history of manufacturing world-class commercial and industrial vehicles for a global demand. Despite the fact that VW boasts one of the most extensive ranges of vans on the market, you might feel the need to go the extra mile by creating a vehicle that is customised to your specific requirements. Volkswagen van conversions are the ideal solution.

Volkswagen van conversions open the door to a world of new possibilities. Discover them with Heritage Volkswagen Van Centre today.

Why Choose A VW Van Conversion?

While a standard Volkswagen van should allow you to complete most jobs to a satisfactory level, a conversion turns the van into a machine that’s tailored to your tasks. This can save you time and money while increasing the load capacities, flexibility, and general capabilities of the vehicle.

A VW van conversion is probably a lot cheaper than you imagine and could save you the need for additional vehicles. Likewise, your van will stand out from the crowd, which is ideal if you plan to use it for marketing purposes too. Most importantly, though, it lets you complete your work in a safe and productive manner.

If nothing else, getting the conversion gives you the confidence and reassurance of knowing that the business is ready to produce the best results on a daily basis. In that sense, it is a game changer for the company.

What’s Possible with Volkswagen Van Conversions?

While there are many options available, converting the VW with Crafter chassis is the most popular solution by far – not least because they offer so much versatility.

When choosing a single cab, you’ll gain space for 3 people and a max load of 2,982kg. Alternatively, a double cab seats up to 7 people and carries a max load of 2,732kg. A range of towing accessories and heavy plant equipment can be added too, particularly to trailers. The customisation opportunities are simply fantastic and will allow you to finally take your commercial vehicle to new levels of function and practicality.

It is possible to transform the van by turning it into a Luton that has the capacity for removals and dry freight while also making the van easier to use than you ever thought possible. Or you create a rigid and robust tipper that can be used for transporting materials and dumping loads in faster times. Another option is drop sides in which access to the load is made quicker and simpler. All can work wonders for the business.

A successful conversion completely transforms your van and business.

Discuss Your VW Van Conversion Plans Today

Whether you want to convert one van or a whole fleet of commercial vehicles, our experts here at Heritage Volkswagen Van Centre provide an extensive range of services in Bristol, Dorchester and Westbury. 

Give us a call to discuss VW chassis and other customisations to provide the practicality that your business needs and deserves.

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