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Discover the Latest Volkswagen Transporter Panel Van the T6.1

Added: 21 October 2019

Discovering the latest Volkswagen Transporter Panel Van: T6.1 is easy with Heritage Volkswagen Van Centre. The new styling changes that have been introduced are complemented by an engine range that has been updated beautifully with extra safety systems included. This may be yet another generation of Transporter, with the previous one released in 2016, but Volkswagen was keen to introduce a new vehicle with a better update. And they have!

Since it came onto the market, the T6 reached cumulative sales of nearly 12 million units. The T6.1 phase was simply a natural progression, with a better-updated look with larger grilles that meet the headlights. Think of the Arteon fastback and Touareg SUV - like that but better. There is an LED technology employed for the headlights that you’ll notice, too, and you’ll notice them at the back for the refreshed tail lights, which gives the T6.1 a much more modern makeover. The van gets a sharper modern look than the ones that came before, and the two-tone theme applied to this version is aesthetically pleasing, too. Once you step inside, you’ll see a 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster and the latest 9.2-inch MIB3 infotainment system, which gives the dash a high-tech vibe.

The next upgrade is the Front Assist with City Emergency Braking for the T6.1. This warns the driver of any impending issues and collisions, and for extra safety, offers autonomous application of the brakes. It can even respond to any possible hazards along the road, such as cyclists and pedestrians in the way. Not only does this keep drivers safe, but it keeps the cargo and public safe, too.

There is also the standard Cross Wind Assist, with added tech goes behind two screens, and if you haven’t heard of this system, it’s there to stabilise the vehicle if there are strong winds detected automatically. Switching to electromechanical power steering from a hydraulic power steering has allowed the VW Commercial Vehicles range to implement lane assist, too. This is part of an extensive array of new assistance systems, as well as rear traffic alert and automatic braking in an emergency.

There are choices for engines, from 2.0 TDIs offering 90, 100 and 150 HP. You can go for the highest version and pay more for a dual-clutch automatic gearbox and 4Motion, too. Lastly, the latest Volkswagen Transporter has teamed up with ABT for fully electric battery packages. These are filled so that a zero-emissions van will do 249 miles between charges!

The T6.1 is now open for order, and Heritage Volkswagen Van Centre are proud to represent the Volkswagen Light Commercial Vehicles brand in the South West of England with dealership in Bristol. Come in and have a chat with us, and let’s see what we can do about getting you the latest Volkswagen Transporter Panel Van.

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