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Customer Reviews

Catalina Oanea

Brilliant customer service, brilliant approach, professionalism, excellence in managing expectations of the customer, advanced level of communication and understanding the customer's needs.

5 / 5

27 November 2018

Nathan Ball

Great service from Miles and the team.

5 / 5

14 March 2019

John Davidson

Great service, Caddy 100% as described, purchase made, collecting Friday

5 / 5

02 July 2020

Chris Jewell

Steve and Luke really looked after us when we were looking for a new van. Would definitely recommend. Very helpful, even staying late to get the paperwork done. Thanks

5 / 5

29 June 2020

Graham Bettorn

What a wonderfully refreshing experience, they took as much time as i needed for me to come to the choice of van that was suited to my needs, and at no time felt obligated or put under pressure thank you Adrian

5 / 5

28 June 2019

Nick Land

Absolutely brilliant customer care. John Lawry is a star. Our company would only buy vans from this dealership. There should be a six star category!

5 / 5

26 September 2019


Very prompt and professional response.

19 August 2020

Elaine Cocks

Thank you for the team at Whitby Road Van Centre for helping and being hospitable in our time of need when our clutch nearly burned out. What a brilliant team you have there. Thanks so much for your help. We owe you.

5 / 5

26 November 2018

Andy Cox

Good selection of vans none pushy staff

4 / 5

30 May 2019

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